Pixera boosts virtual production for Oscar-nominated “Poor Things”

In a dazzling display of technological prowess, the climactic scenes of “Poor Things,” the upcoming gothic comedy poised to make waves at the Academy Awards, were brought to life with the help of the latest Pixera technology.

Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (“The Lobster,” “The Favourite”) and starring Emma Stone as the resuscitated Bella Baxter, “Poor Things” has already garnered critical acclaim and a slew of prestigious awards since its premiere at the 2023 Venice International Film Festival. With 11 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, the film has captivated audiences worldwide.

Central to the film’s visual splendor is a state-of-the-art virtual production rig featuring 2,400 LED cabinets and powered by Pixera media server technology. This mammoth setup, overseen by virtual production supervisor Adrian Weber, spans 600m² and renders content in 4K resolution, delivering an immersive experience for both cast and crew.

The virtual production stage, constructed by ICT AG and Halostage at Origo Studios in Budapest, Hungary, provides a seamless backdrop for the film’s narrative, allowing for dynamic storytelling and intricate visual effects. Weber, despite facing challenges due to unforeseen circumstances, quickly adapted to the Pixera software, leveraging its intuitive interface and robust features to bring the director’s vision to life.

“Although it was quite an intense experience for me to get up to speed, Pixera’s user-friendly interface helped me to use the system easily and made it very clear to me what I was working on,” he says. “Of course, I’d also done a lot of postproduction before, so many of the features – timelines, layer stacking, live previews, resource distribution – were already very familiar to me.” “The second biggest factor was the support provided by AV Stumpfl,” Weber continues. “Benni [Müller], Olli [Kilian] and the whole team were constantly available for us right from the start – I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have an actual person on the other end of the phone who will talk you through any challenges.”

As the film industry continues to embrace virtual production as a transformative tool for storytelling, “Poor Things” stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in bringing cinematic visions to life. With the Oscars on the horizon, the industry awaits the outcome of this groundbreaking film and its journey to cinematic history.

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