Pixera develops continuity solutions that bring One FM’s Starnight event to life

One FM’s Starnight recently took place in front of 8,000 fans at the Arena in Geneva, Switzerland. Show and content designer Timo Martens was responsible for creating the video and multimedia content. For the production of the show he was assisted by REC Tec AG, multimedia server specialists based in Amsteg.

As for the main hardware used, REC Tec employed two Pixera two quad media servers with live input cards, a Lightware HDMI matrix switcher for switching between main and backup sources, and a Focusrite audio interface for audio playback.

Pixera was used to create countdown displays for continuity control. HTML pages were also added as a “resource” to a layer of the media server system software interface. These were then played through one of the outputs as “picture-in-picture”.

The overall broadcast setup for the event was handled by NEP Switzerland, and technical supplier Skynight supported the show with additional lighting, audio and rigging equipment, including large LED video walls.

Michael Memmersheim, team manager at REC Tec, says: “Our client was very satisfied with the show in general and, in particular, with the fact that we were able to react quickly to any updates and content changes during rehearsals. Pixera served us very well throughout the entire process.”

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