Pixotope launches Asia pac’s first “Better Engagement, Create Anywhere” networking event with industry leaders

On Thursday, May 30th, Pixotope, along with renowned media and technology brands such as Samsung, BytePlus, Aux Media, RED, and Aputure, will launch Asia Pac’s first-ever “Better Engagement, Create Anywhere” networking event at Infinite Studio in Singapore

Andrew Tan, Pixotope’s Vice President of APAC Sales, emphasized the critical time in the virtual production industry and the purpose behind the event. “We are at a critical time in the virtual production industry. There are many pain points, and the whole reason for launching the Better Engagement, Create Anywhere event is to discuss what Pixotope and our industry partners can do differently to create better audience engagement.”

Traditionally, virtual production showcases have focused on setting up virtual studios with green or blue stages, or XR with LED walls. However, Pixotope and its partners wanted to change this approach.

“We did not want to do the usual this time. Instead, we wanted to get people together in a casual setting, integrate a networking session, and then create further value-add in a showcase presentation during the session to address how we can get better engagement for clients by using the very latest in virtual production technology.”

Many people are familiar with virtual production, but fewer understand how it applies and adds value to different industries. The event aims to demonstrate the relevance of virtual production to broadcasters, live sports, events, brands, corporations, and more.

“If you are someone who can help influence decisions and propose ideas that could be implemented around better audience engagement, this event is ideal for you to attend. We will have many people from many industries taking part, including broadcasters, education institutes, production studios, large corporations, government agencies, advertising agencies, live sports, and events organisers.”

The event is a collaboration between Pixotope, Samsung, BytePlus, Aux Media, RED, and Aputure, showcasing their roles in the virtual production ecosystem. It will highlight Pixotope’s unique features, such as the ability to have talent interact with virtual objects without sensors, using AI capabilities.

“Our goal for the event is to educate and provide some inspiration for the attendees and participants. Having these six major tech and media partners coming together is a great and rare opportunity. Participants will get the chance to speak to and network with all of us in one location and then get the chance to have a little fun with something special we will have set up after the presentation.”


Picture: The real world meets the AR world via Pixotope AI solutions


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