PlayBox Neo adds new features and connections to AirBox Neo-20

AirBox Neo-20 belongs to the company’s Channel-in-a-Box concept. It provides all the facilities needed to create and maintain single or multiple television channels within a seamless workflow for local or remote control. The system can be configured to any required scale from optional elements such as Capture Suite media ingest, TitleBox Neo-20 interactive character generator and graphics, and ListBox Neo-20 scheduling. Terrestrial, satellite, cable and IP-streamed transmission are all fully supported.

AirBox Neo-20 can be configured 24/7 automated operation on any scale from a regional station or corporate TV service up to a global network broadcasting to multiple timezones in multiple languages. Playlist scheduling can be performed weeks ahead of actual transmission.  Safeguards are provided to ensure uninterrupted operation. Six new features have been introduced:

  • Transport Stream and XDCAM MXF file clips can now be played back while still being ingested.
  • GPU acceleration can now be used to achieve fast file decoding.
  • Digital video effects can be created within AirBox Neo-20.
  • Real-time loudness compliance ensures the audio output level remains within a preset safe dynamic range to conform with national and/or international standards.
  • Operators are now alerted to absent or frozen video feeds via a web-based multiviewer.
  • Input/output configuration can now be performed using a web-based resource monitor connected via a secure link.

AirBox Neo-20’s connectivity is expanded with support NDI input. This is an addition to the standard connections already included: SDI, MPEG-2 TS, HTTP(S), RTMP, MMS(H) IP streams. Same regarding outputs, NDI output included.

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