PlayBox Neo elevates broadcast technology with next-gen playout at NAB Show 2024

PlayBox Neo is set to unveil its latest developments in broadcast playout and channel branding at this year’s NAB Show, taking place in Las Vegas from April 14 to 17. The preview images showcase the user interface of the latest-generation PlayBox Neo systems.

From its headquarters in West Palm Beach, FL, the company has announced enhancements across its product lineup, which now boasts new creative features in the AirBox Neo-20, Media Gateway, and Capture Suite, alongside the integration of SMPTE ST 2110 IP input/output capabilities. Attendees of the NAB Show 2024 will have the opportunity to explore these innovations, along with the most recent iterations of the comprehensive Channel-in-a-Box and Cloud2TV solutions, at the PlayBox Neo booth SL6099.

Van Duke, Director of U.S. Operations for PlayBox Neo, shared his insights on the updates: “These new features offer our customers the ability to control practically every aspect of the media management workflow at a single desktop, from ingest, editing and graphics management to ad insertion, scheduling, archiving and transmission. The whole process can be automated to allow 24/7 hands-off operation while retaining the freedom to make near-to-air changes or switch to a fully live source. Based on 25 years of development experience, our platform is designed to ensure that operators not only work efficiently but actually enjoy working within a domain that is easy to learn, versatile and highly stable.”

  • The AirBox Neo-20, known for its automated content streaming and broadcast playout capabilities, is being updated to support 4K-UHD with a new graphic mixer and video resize features. It also introduces enhanced logo transition effects and a 1:1 mirror mode for broadcasting.
  • The Media Gateway, a software-based solution for routing and encoding, is set to include support for 1:1 aspect ratio 3840 x 3840 resolution video displays with audio visualization, from 25 to 60 fps. This addition underscores the system’s cost-efficiency and space-saving benefits, according to the company.
  • The Capture Suite, tailored for multi-channel and multi-server live ingest environments, expands its compatibility to include the XMP file format, fostering tighter integration with Premiere and streamlining media content metadata processing.
  • The Channel-in-a-Box system, a solution for playout and channel branding, continues to provide comprehensive services for maintaining broadcast continuity. It combines the capabilities of AirBox Neo-20, ListBox Neo-20, TitleBox Neo-29, Capture Suite, and Media Gateway into a single, seamless operation.
  • Van Duke further notes the significance of SMPTE ST 2110 support across all four products, facilitating the transition for media organizations moving towards SDI/IP hybrid or fully IP operations.
  • Cloud2TV, representing the forefront of virtual channel playout, stands out with its software-centric approach and cloud-native services. This platform is designed with the aim of revolutionizing video production and content delivery, highlighted by new features such as advanced search functionalities and custom CSV database import options.
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