PlayBox Neo’s ProductionAirBox Neo-20 will support Octopus Newsroom

The broadcast playout server ProductionAirBox Neo-20 from PlayBox Neo incorporates an expansion of its software connectivity that will support now the Octopus Newsroom computer system.

“We bridge between our respective platforms via the MOS protocol which allows content archives, graphics manipulation and character generation to be performed directly from the ProductionAirBox Neo-20 graphic interface. The process is intuitive with all relevant parameters clearly displayed.” comments PlayBox Neo CEO Pavlin Rahnev.

ProductionAirBox Neo-20 was developed from AirBox Neo-20. This server is specifically designed for live production. According to Live Box Neo, it can provide the ability to trim or reposition every clip in a playout while the scheduled session is on-air or change on-the-fly with commands like next, jump or shuttle.

The company assures that a single server can be configured with up to four independent players. Each SDI interface can be assigned as program or preview outputs and user interfaces are available in single channel or multichannel options to streamline the operation.

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