Polygon Labs assists indigenous broadcaster APTN with Canadian election programming

Polygon Labs has announced that APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) is using its solutions to cover Canadian Election. APTN is a long-standing customer of the company already mentioned and is a broadcaster formed to offer content and entertainment to indigenous people of the north of the Canadian territory.

The software solutions that APTN is using include the Polygon data aggregation and visualization platform Ipsum, which aggregates data from the Canadian press and distributes it in to APTN’s Vizrt newsroom graphics templates, PCR playout and ticker Viz Engines. Also, APTN is using Polygon’s Chronos interactive data-driven storytelling and visualization software to display Election results, data-driven maps and analysis visualization. In addition, Creative Hub from Polygon Labs will deliver remote, on-demand real-time Election graphics, channel branding and virtual production. The company has created opening and bumper graphics using Unreal Engine 4.7 for APTN’s Election program.

Wayne McKenzie, APTN Executive Director of Operations, explains “because we’ve worked with Polygon Labs for a long time there’s a strong element of trust. We know that we can absolutely rely on the team to provide the solutions that we need to create sophisticated graphics that illustrate the story as it unfolds before, during and after the results process, as well as a reliable workflow based on years of experience that brings everything together.”

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