Polygon Labs releases Visual Data Plugins and Asset Hub software for Unreal Engine

Polygon Labs releases Visual Data Plugins and Asset Hub software for Unreal Engine

Polygon Labs has announced two new products to expand the use of Unreal Engine creation tool. The releases consist in Visual Data Plugins and Asset Hub software. This two updates will join Polygon Labs ’ Porta workflow enabler, which according to the company statement, will reduce the gap between TV content production workflows and Unreal Engine broadcast production.

Asset Hub provides the functionality to centrally store and distribute 3D assets across the production workflow with Unreal Engine. The new tool is a web-based, centralized platform that can be hosted on site or in the cloud. The user can import 2D and 3D files, tag and associate metadata, among other capabilities, to the asset.

On the other hand, Visual Data Plugins were designed for applications that need to show a lot of graphics and information. They can create real-time bar, line, pie or candle charts with any data that users push through the Unreal Engine. Visual Data Plugins will be available on an annual subscription basis that includes upgrades, support and maintenance.

David Jorba, Polygon Labs’ Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer, comments: “Asset Hub is already being used in the retail world on apparel brands and adapting it for broadcast will prove very beneficial for our customers. Asset Hub imports 3D objects and 2D images plus their associated metadata and opens a new world for searching, browsing and viewing the details of the assets. Our Visual Data Plugins were born from the need of making data visualization operations simple; they accept any type of data inside the Unreal Engine and seamlessly view it in several chart formats.”

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