Post production company Racoon migrates infrastructure to Telehouse cloud services

Telehouse International Corporation of Europe has announced that the post-production company Racoon has moved its whole technology stack within Telehouse’s London data centre. Whith options to cloud providers such as Azure and AWS Racoon can realise its ambitions to create broadcast post-production services from anywhere.

Racoon required direct connections to its broadcaster customers, access to cloud services and the ability to scale IT quickly when needed. To facilitate this, Racoon has selected Telehouse’s London campus, the most connected data centre in Europe.

Instead of multiple versions of Avid editing suites in physical rooms, with finite capacity, the company has one centralised version at Telehouse that it can scale up instantly to accommodate any number of client requests. Production companies, broadcasters and streaming services can now all access post-production projects through one unified portal.

“Our goal is to take all the creative brilliance and service elements that customers have come to expect and deliver them up in a new and revolutionary way. Being a start-up meant we could put our ecosystem within a data centre from day one and break from the old bricks and mortar mould. Telehouse has made it possible for us to make our business model a reality and has become the heart, lungs and brain of our business”, has commented Jack Edney, COO at Racoon.

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