Primestream’s Xchange MAM integrates Wasabi storage

Logos of Primestream and Wasabi

Wasabi has announced a new partnership with Primestream™, a provider of asset management and automation software solutions for media production. With the new solution, the Xchange MAM system will provide a hybrid platform integrating Wasabi storage for global asset management, archiving, content contribution, production and distribution.

“There are very few industries that face the same storage challenges as media production and the pandemic has only complicated things,” said David Friend, CEO of Wasabi. “To succeed in a time when collaboration is now primarily remote, and files sizes are larger than ever, production teams need agile tools to work on project files securely, quickly and affordably. Primestream’s Xchange media asset management platform enables production from anywhere and combined with Wasabi hot cloud storage provides an affordable hybrid solution for artists to work quickly and efficiently.”

The Wasabi and Primestream partnership allows media professionals to manage more content “quickly”, leverage AI with an “easy to use” interface, increase collaboration and provide a “holistic view” over a media team’s entire media library, all according to the press release.

“Organizations that use Primestream have what they need to tell a complete story and create new content whether they’re working in person or on the other side of the globe,” commented Claudio Lisman, President and CEO of Primestream. “Editors across multiple geographic locations can work on video projects together, and media can be shared with anyone as needed for review and approval. Together with Wasabi, our users can store more data than ever due to disruptively low-cost and scalable cloud storage and never worry about going over budget or running out of storage space from rough-cut to final cut.”

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