TRAXIS talentS. AI-powered Markerless Talent Tracking System.

TRAXIS talentS

Zero Density debuted TRAXIS talentS in late November, the industry-first AI-powered markerless stereoscopic talent tracking system that can identify the people inside the 3D virtual environment without wearables and beacons. talentS extracts the talent’s 3D location from the image with utmost precision by utilizing cutting-edge AI algorithms and the power of Nvidia’s GPU Tensor Cores. It sends the tracking data to Reality Engine to create accurate reflections, refractions, and the virtual shadows of the talent inside the 3D space. Broadcasters and studio operators can enjoy hyperrealism in their virtual studio and augmented reality productions, with the perfect virtual and physical merge.

Designed by live production experts, talentS works 24/7 continuously without any interruptions. It can also send the data at every frame rate required by the broadcasters or production crew from 24 to 59.94. It sends data through industry-standard FreeD protocol and integrates with the Reality ecosystem and any other FreeD speaking platform out of the box.

Moreover, TRAXIS talentS can be utilized in other applications besides virtual studio, such as augmented reality in sports and live events. For example, with talentS AR graphics for statistics can be enhanced above a boxer during a live boxing game. It can also automatically enable robotic lights to track a specific dancer during a live performance.

Additional benefits include easy setup and calibration, mission-critical hardware, and optional optics. talentS comes as a pre-calibrated and preinstalled system. Going live with talentS will take only minutes following the unboxing. Furthermore, talentS comes with special optic filters that help remove physical reflections that cause false detections.

Last but not least, talentS is a lightweight system that can be installed on a truss or mounted on a tripod. It comes with the necessary mounting kit and safety cables to assist in safe installation.