Pronology showcase its cross-platform software application at NAB 2023

Pronology has announced its presence at NAB 2023 where he will present an updated version of StreamFile Core.

StreamFile Core is a platform for distributing and receiving IP video protocols and encoding them into editor-friendly formats such as ProRes, DNx, XDCam, H.264 and others. The latest version adds the ability to write media files directly to Amazon S3 storage.

Adding the ability to write media files directly to Amazon S3 enables customers to save time and money when working in cloud-based environments. More than just a cloud-based solution, StreamFile Core also seamlessly integrates into on-premises production workflows. These enhancements are well suited for remote production and social media teams working on- or off-site for quick turnaround and cost-effective VoD applications.

“StreamFile Core enables SRT streams to be edited in industry standard edit systems without transcoding,” says Jonathan Aroesty, president of Pronology. “This cost-effective, low overhead feature, combined with our S3 integration is invaluable for social media and broadcast production teams in need of quick turn-around, edit-while-capture workflows that are easy to deploy.”

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