Qatar Radio Shifts All Five Channels Onto NETIA’s Radio-Assist™ 8.1 Automation Software


NETIA announced that national broadcaster Qatar Radio has taken all five of its main channels live on the Radio-Assist™ 8.1 digital audio software suite. The NETIA software, which Qatar Radio also uses as a disaster recovery solution, replaces an existing radio automation product and gives the broadcaster a more extensive and unified solution that addresses the entire production workflow.

“If I were to define the three key characteristics of Radio-Assist, I would say that it is an efficient, reliable, and stable solution,” said Mohammad Al Mohtaseb, system engineer at Qatar Radio. His Qatar Radio colleague Mohammed Qaddoumi, system engineer for audio broadcasting, also underscores the system’s efficiency and adds that the software’s Air-DDO broadcast tool has proved particularly valuable. The technical team at Qatar Radio selected Radio-Assist after performing site visits and extensive testing and evaluation of the software.

Systems integrator Media Group International coordinated Qatar Radio’s full migration to Radio-Assist 8.1, overseeing the copying and conversion of all media, along with associated metadata, into the NETIA software system without interrupting operations and without losing any of the broadcaster’s 275,000 elements and assets. With this shift, Qatar Radio has been able to bring all radio production and broadcast functions onto a single platform. The Radio-Assist 8.1 software supports coordination, scheduling, and live broadcasting, as well as an archive of more than 300,000 hours of programming.

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