QTV allies with Ross Video and ES Broadcast to improve sports broadcasting in Scotland

QTV allies with Ross Video and ES Broadcast for boosting sport broadcasting in Scotland

The provider of production services and outside broadcast facilities QTV partners with Ross Video and ES Broadcast, has boosted its sports broadcasting capabilities to improve the service offered to its clients, among them the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL), BBC, EBU, World Archery, and The New York Times.

QTV produced over 500 events and outside broadcasts across all sectors in 2022, and it’s the production partner of the SPFL, delivering coverage of 180 Cinch Premiership matches a season and managing the league’s post-production, world feeds and streaming distribution. In October 2022, QTV facilitated the introduction of, and now hosts, the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) operations centre for the Scottish FA.

QTV adopted technology from Ross Video, facilitated by ES Broadcast, its principal technology partner. Key milestones in this partnership include:

  • In 2017, QTV initiated services for the SPFL with new broadcasting equipment.
  • Adoption of a remote production model by 2020, securing a multi-year contract with the SPFL.
  • Launch of custom remote engineering vehicles (ENG) for efficient broadcasting.
  • In 2022, QTV relocated to Clydesdale House, a facility purpose-built for remote production.
  • By 2023, QTV further expanded its facilities to meet growing demands.

As the company explains, QTV’s collaboration with Ross Video and ES Broadcast has led to a range of improvements in its business metrics and operations. The company experienced a significant increase in its turnover, rising from £1.7 million in 2018 to £5.3 million in 2023. Alongside this financial growth, QTV has also expanded its workforce, growing from a team of nine to forty-five employees.

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