Quantum announces new high-capacity, high-density disk storage


StorNext QXS-5600


Quantum Corp. introduced the StorNext QXS-5600, a high-capacity, high-density disk array that provides extremely cost-effective storage for customers managing an increasing number of large files containing high-resolution video, images or other rich content. Part of Quantum’s award-winning StorNext┬« solutions portfolio, the StorNext QXS-5600 is ideal work-in-process storage for a wide variety of applications, including 4K and 8K video production and postproduction, geospatial imaging, video surveillance, and seismic research and analysis.


Dense Disk Storage for Demanding Workloads and Environments

Like other StorNext Q-Series disk offerings, the QXS-5600 is purpose-built for highly data-intensive environments, delivering enterprise-class performance, redundancy, availability and manageability. In addition, this highly dense StorNext product provides up to 336TB of raw capacity in a 4U rack (other configuration options are 168TB and 224TB). With as much as twice the storage capacity per rack unit of smaller disk arrays, the QXS-5600 reduces the space, power and cooling required to support high-performance applications. On a dollar-per-TB basis, it is Quantum’s lowest-priced disk storage product, delivering a new level of value in the company’s disk offerings.

With its density and price-performance attributes, the QXS-5600 is particularly well-suited for nearline work-in-process storage, where having content close by and quickly accessible for re-monetization or other re-purposing is essential. It also is tailor-made for non-real-time workflow operations where high-density storage provides significant productivity benefits.


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