Quicklink Studio Solution to be used by a top-tier professional football club

Quicklink has been chosen by a profesional footbal club

A professional football club with studios located in Manchester has chosen Quicklink’s Studio Solution to broadcast fan interviews. This product is a bi-directional audio/video solution that allows ultra-low delay contributions from any desktop or mobile device through a web browser.

According to the press note, the football club that has trusted in Quicklink’s technology is “one of the most prestigious clubs in world football” and has its own subscription-based television channel that broadcasts fans interviews with players and staff, football news, top tier English football matches and so on.

Richard Rees, CEO of Quickling, explains how Quicklink Studio works: “With no software downloads needed for the contributors, exclusive high-quality fan interviews can be easily achieved. The Studio solution a fan to be linked directly to the studio with a single click-to-air with no logins required. Guests can be sent a one-time URL as an SMS or email with a timed validity. The studio has full remote management of the contributor audio/video settings even back/front camera selection on their mobile. The inbuilt echo cancellation means that no earphones are required”.

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