Qvest strengthens global presence and synergies in digital product development

In a strategic move towards deeper collaboration and focused expertise, Qvest has significantly increased its majority stake in Bonn-based tarent AG, now rebranded as Qvest Digital AG. This move, marking a 20 percent stake increase to a total of 70 percent, aligns with Qvest’s commitment to becoming a trusted global partner in digital transformation, consolidating its offerings under the unified brand “Qvest.”

Under the common brand, the Digital Product Development team, including the nearshoring company eSolutions in Romania, will operate seamlessly, reflecting the company’s commitment to providing competitive solutions for digital business models and individual software development projects. This strategic alignment, combined with Qvest’s other services such as innovation consulting, change management, UI/UX design, and systems integration, aims to offer an integrated and unique solution to global customers throughout their transformation processes.

Peter Nöthen, CEO of the Qvest Group, emphasizes the importance of adapting to the evolving landscape of digital transformation: “Today, companies in almost all industries are intensively exploring the opportunities of digital transformation. With our digital team and its nearshoring company eSolutions in Romania, we are now even more competitive for the realization of digital business models and individual software development projects under the common brand Qvest.”

The rebranding and increase in shareholding represent the next step in Qvest’s growth strategy, fostering more collaborative efforts within the company group and enhancing sales effectiveness, growth potential, and global customer reach.

Boris Esser, member of the Management Board of Qvest Digital AG, affirms the strategic alignment: “The decision to work even more closely with Qvest and to change our names accordingly has the common strategic background that we want to leverage the power and strength of the company group in terms of sales, growth, reach, and further development of our business.”

This unified approach positions Qvest as a go-to resource for global clients, offering a cohesive range of services organized into 15 practices, each representing a defined area of expertise. Despite the rebranding and increased shareholding, operational activities for the approximately 300 employees and the Management Board of Qvest Digital AG remain unaffected, ensuring continuity in delivering high-quality services to clients worldwide.”

Getty Images and BBC
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