Qvest upgrades the technology of German post-production sound house Herold Studios

Qvest has recently announced that the company has equipped the postproduction house Herold Studios. The company has integrated new sound facilities.

The postproduction studio headquartered in Frankfurt am Main is well considered for the quality of its sound mixing and sound design for film, advertising, video games and music.

They are specialized in sound postproduction including recording ADR and editing dialogue, sound effects and music.

The infrastructure includes an Avid S6 console with Dolby Atmos workflows and a digital projection theater matching DCI specification. Both tasks, sound mixing and color correction, can be performed at the highest professional level.

The Avid Pro Tools controller integrated by the Qvest team was adapted to the studio’s individual requirements in terms of design, form, and function, including the table.

Installation went seamlessly and, in cases where components were temporarily unavailable due to difficulties in the global supply chain, Qvest was able to provide equipment from its Rental Pool to ensure timely system commissioning.

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