Qvest Media will plan and build the media center of Bloomberg Asharq in Dubai

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The systems required for the new multi-platform news and media center of Asharq News Services Limited, located in Dubai’s financial district, will be built and planned by Qvest Media, systems architect and ICT integrator. The “Bloomberg Asharq” facilities will be the first in the MENA region to use IP technology throughout its entire media infrastructure. In addition, it will use virtualized on-premise systems and cloud applications as a hybrid architecture for content aggregation, production and distribution.

The new media center of Asharq will feature a full-IP network compliant with the SMPTE ST 2100 standard which will help making possible infrastructural technology changes at any time, such as changing from full HD to 4K production and distribution. It also will use technologies such as divisible video walls and floor displays through its 300 square meters. The necessary technology to visualize graphic and video content will be provided by Qvest Media.

“We are delighted that we have been able to impress Asharq News Services Ltd. with our expertise in the digital transformation of the media sector. With this project, we are once again setting the benchmark for the creation of innovative and digitally networked media architectures in the fields of online, social media and broadcasting. The high degree of innovation will enable Bloomberg Asharq to do what really matters, regardless of the technology – namely to create a unique and innovative media experience”, said Philipp Glänzel, Principal at Qvest Media.

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