Qvest designs and creates a mobile TV station for Asharq News

Qvest has recently designed and manufactured an equipped mobile TV station for the Arabic 24/7 multiplatform news service Asharq News. The media architecture is based on latest media and IT technology. The news company benefits from versatile production options, international deployment capabilities, and remote connectivity.

The production setup covers all media workflows from ingest to playout and offers full connectivity into the corporate and broadcast network infrastructure. This allows the setup to be used on short notice anywhere. Therefore, the working environment for live news reporters can be assembled, disassembled, and shipped.

Omran Abdallah, CTO for Asharq News: “This new mobile TV production setup means a major upgrade for our 24/7 multiplatform approach at Asharq News. Our team will benefit from the extensive features of the system, especially from the fact that we can now broadcast live at short notice from practically any location in the world in absolute top-end quality. Thanks to this latest collaboration with Qvest, we are taking the broadcasting experience for our audience to the next level.”

The production solution is based in technology from Grass Valley —cameras with Augmented Reality functions­—, a full production gallery with camera control, video and audio mixing, and Avid FastServe studio playout. Qvest integrated XR Set Solution by Vizrt and the camera tracking technology stYpe for optional state-of-art Augmented Reality visuals.

The newsroom environment features up to 40 workstations for journalists, including an Avid PAM system with 480 Terabyte of usable Avid NEXIS media storage. In addition, the professionals benefit from the dedicated Avid iNews newsroom software, editing with MediaCentral | Cloud UX, voice-over capabilities, the software-based IP compliance solution Mediaproxy, and the full integration of the broadcaster’s news agencies.

IP-streaming functions were implemented with products from Ateme, Riedel, Skype, and TVU Networks.

Mohamed Hamid, Principal at Qvest Dubai: “A key success factor was the excellent, international collaboration of our Qvest team with the partners at Asharq News. With our best-of-breed principle for media technology, we have together defined a new standard for mobile news production.”

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