Qvest takes over the central system of one of the largest LED installations in the world

Qvest has recently partnered with Outernet to bring to life an unheard of venue in London. This landmark space has been open to the public since the beginning of November.

It is the Now Building, a space that will form the central location of a new cultural district in London’s Soho district. It features the world’s largest immersive screen installation.

Qvest was responsible for the technical and media design for all event venues. It was also in charge of installation delivery, vendor management and system integration.

The Now Building contains a digital canvas with a 4-storey high, floor-to-ceiling, and 360-degree screen surface with 16K resolution. It extends for 2,100 square meters. The multimedia LED environment with 4D and interactive capabilities offers new possibilities for visually spectacular staging and creative storytelling.

Qvest was responsible for the entire design and implementation of a cross-functional technical operations and data center for all spaces of Outernet London. The core component of the operations center is a facility with content scheduling, automation control and real-time playback, monitoring and immersive audio processing.

Mike Whittaker, CTO of Outernet London: “What we have achieved with our teams at Outernet and Qvest is extraordinary and unique. It by far exceeds the usual technology solutions. Qvest’s understanding for our vision, methodical approach, and knowledge transfer during the process made them the natural choice to deliver this installation. We are very happy that clients and visitors of London can now enjoy this new center for culture and creativity which is spectacular in so many ways.”

Qvest also coordinated the installation, testing, and integration of different elements such as monitoring of the 360-degree LED displays and its control systems, real-time 3D rendering software from Ventuz outputting a total of 26K resolution, storage solutions from Dell, and IT routing systems from Cisco.

Thomas Müller, CTO of Qvest Group: “What makes this project so special among our numerous international media installations is that the audio-visually spectacular implementation can be experienced by the public. Crucial for this immersive experience in the Now Building is the intelligent orchestration of all tech components behind the scenes. We are proud to have realized this unique media space for concerts, brand events, and art with our consulting and technology experience.”

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