Qvest powered broadcasting facilities for TV Monaco

Qvest brings TV Monaco to Life

TV Monaco has commenced to operate as first public TV station of the city-state thanks to Qvest, company focused in media practices and services. The Qvest team has created what the company claim to be a future-proof broadcasting environment, with key components as the playout product makalu and a media asset management solution

TV Monaco’s new facilities, launched on September 1st, include a broadcasting studio with associated control room and a newsroom for the station’s journalists. Qvest’s area of responsibility included the conception and orchestration of all broadcasting workflows, the playout infrastructure as well as the media asset management (MAM) and newsroom control system (NRCS). The goal for Qvest team was to create a scalable, collaborative, and particularly agile working environment, since this setup is which the broadcaster’s staff prepares and publishes daily television program with, for international as well as local distribution in the Principality of Monaco.

Aiming to fulfill this last requirement, Qvest implementated NXTedition, a solution for end-to-end workflows regarding MAM and NRCS was established. In terms of the amount of data to be processed, Qvest has implemented one of the world’s largest NXTedition installation for TV Monaco.

The Qvest team worked in close collaboration with the French systems integrator CVS Engineering and finalized the project within a tight timeframe. CVS Engineering was responsible for the installation of the audio-video infrastructure, the design and construction of the studio and gallery set-up as well as the complete wiring in the facilities. TV Monaco is the first public broadcaster in the city-state and is part of the French network TV5 Monde. The station’s program features fields of interest such as news, sports, environment and local culture and lifestyle. The new TV studio and the associated office space for the journalists were realized within only seven months and are in full operation since September 01, 2023.



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