Qvest revamps SWR’s colorgrading environment with Filmlight systems

Südwestrundfunk (SWR) from Germany has recently commissioned Qvest for a renewal and expansion of its professional colorgrading environment. The core of the installation deployed by Qvest was the Filmlight system and, around it, relied on on-premise solutions of advanced hardware and software.

The objective of SWR was to revamp and refocus the technical color correction infrastructure. A team of Qvest experts set up five color correction workstations for SWR at their Baden-Baden site: Two grading suites and two assistant workstations, plus a workstation for an administrator.

To support the renovation, SWR also enhanced the IT architecture for the colorgrading studio. It was established with a 100 Gbit/s network and 720 TB (terabytes) of central storage at its core. With read and write speeds of 10 and 6 GB/s, the memory capacity offered is sufficient no matter how stringent the network infrastructure requirements are.

Both grading suites come complete with a Baselight 2 system and a Blackboard 2 panel while the suites use Sony Class 1 displays in the BVM-X300 V2 and HX-310 model range for color-critical image assessment. The can handle data transfer of uncompressed video signals in Ultra High Definition (UHD) at 50p.

The Guntermann & Drunck KVM system ensures all resources are exploited and provides tech support as required, since all workstations are controllable and operable from those in the color grading studio. All workstations also allow color correction with DPX sequences at 2160p/50 resolution.

The stations boast individually adapted furniture and consoles with ergonomic and technical configuration for image evaluation. All the tables and panels are gradually height adjustable. The sideboards have also been configured to accommodate ingest peripheral equipment.

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