Radio Duchessa selects DHD SX2 console for new channel

DHD audio makes public that Radio Duchessa has selected a DHD SX2 studio production console as the control hub of its newly established free-access online radio channel. The project was supervised by broadcast systems integration specialist BVmedia.

Radio Duchessa takes its name from Duchess Maria Luigia of Parma, whose population gave her the nickname ‘good duchess’. Seat of the duchy of Parma and Piacenza, the city has long been characterized by its role in architecture, gastronomy, music, painting, and sculpture.

Roberto Bellotti, BVmedia CEO, comments, “Radio Duchessa has ambitious plans for its new channel, promoting it as the voice of Parma city. It is gearing up to transmit via DAB+ across the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy. DHD products are modular and highly configurable, providing customers the freedom to expand the system as their business model develops. They are operator-friendly, a great asset for broadcasters transmitting live, especially when working with in-studio or IP-connected guests.”

“Marco Bussolati, founder of Radio Duchessa, chose us as a systems integration partner following a demonstration of the SX2 at our Milan headquarters,” adds Roberto Zeccara, BVmedia Senior Project Manager. “We recommended a 10-channel solution configured to ensure signal continuity when switched to other locations, such as live events outside the main studio.

The DHD SX2 console is based on a four-fader central module. Integral display screens allow operators to see exactly how their console is performing from connectivity and signal level perspectives. The central module gives access to the most important audio inputs and outputs. A microphone input and headphone output are included, and loudspeakers can be connected directly to this unit.

SX2 consoles expand beyond four channels by adding one or more modules with six motorized faders each, allowing the integration of up to 20 channels. Central and fader modules each incorporate a 10.1-inch multi-touch display showing relevant configuration and operating parameters. SX2 features can be extended simply by adding optional license codes to the DSP core, allowing extra faders, buses, and clean-feeds. Functions such as loudness metering and talkback to other DHD mixers are also supported.

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