Radio San Marino chooses DHD Audio mixers for its upgrade process

Radio San Marino and RSM Classic have chosen DHD RX2 and SX2 audio mixers for upgrading their studios in San Marino City. The project forms part of a rebuild conducted by Milan-based broadcast systems integrator BVmedia.

“Radio San Marino and its sister channel needed a system that could be customised to suit their current workflow while retaining the freedom to allow future expansion,” says Roberto Zeccara, Senior Project Manager at BVmedia. “DHD’s RX2 and SX2 mixers were the preferred choice both on operational and technical grounds. The channels’ DJs find them logical and intuitive to work with and their technical support staff appreciate the logical configuration, excellent signal quality and inherent robustness. Mixer settings such as source IDs and signal levels are clearly shown on touch screens incorporated into each mixing panel. DHD products also share a similar menu structure across the entire range, allowing operators to transition easily from one mixer to another.”

The DHD RX2 is based on two modules which can be combined and configured to match different radio and TV production environments. RX2 configuration scales from small production units with 6 or 12 faders to large consoles with up to 96 faders. Each module has a dedicated 10.1 inch touch display. Supported character sets include West European, Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Tamil and Thai.

“Radio San Marino and RSM Classic are the latest in a growing number of broadcasters recognising the advantages which DHD audio mixing systems provide in terms of operational versatility, reliability and expandability,” adds Christoph Gottert, DHD’s International Sales Manager. “Zec and his BVmedia colleagues have done a great job, as ever, from initial design right through to customer training.”

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