Rakuten TV presents its new FAST channels

Rakuten TV has announced the launch of two new localized FAST channels: Grjngo and Bjgtjme in Poland.

With this new step consolidates its expansion in Poland. Since 2020 the company has significantly increased its TVOD offer in Poland in partnership with Polish content providers.

Grjngo is the world’s largest streaming brand for western films, of which there is also a localised version in German, Spanish and English. Bjgtjme is focused on other film genres with all its content in English and dubbed into Polish. Both channels are owned by the international operator Amogo Networx.

Rakuten TV currently has 69 English-language FAST channels, including well-known brands such as Baby Shark TV, Euronews, Bloomberg. All of them are showing remarkable growth and the platform is considering  the possibilities of acquiring content to operate its own channels adapted to each territory.

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