Rascular RouteMaster is now compatible with NDI Ultra-Fast switching capabilities

RouteMaster NDI June 2020 Update - User Interface

Rascular, designers of software-based control and monitoring applications for third-party, professional video technologies, has announced a significant upgrade to its RouteMaster router control application, expanding its virtual routing capabilities for NewTek’s NDI® streams alongside a brand new user interface.

RouteMaster now benefits from NDI ultra-fast switching capabilities. This switching makes it suitable for manual intervention and other applications where quick response is essential. It also now benefits from a clearer and easier-to-use GUI with resizable video previews and audio metering of the current video and the chosen source. Because the NDI signals are not processed directly by RouteMaster, it can be used with a large number of NDI sources and destinations. The solution can be used with a wide range of SDI video and audio routers from all major manufacturers.

RouteMaster can also construct MultiRouters – where several physical routers are joined together with tielines to form a larger routing system, potentially spread over multiple sites or even continents. RouteMaster can display tieline status and automatically allocate tieline resources. Lastly, with RouteMaster’s NDI routing capabilities, users can also add a virtual NDI “layer” to an existing router, allowing them to switch IP video for monitoring simultaneously with baseband SDI video. Or, using SDI to NDI converters, construct a hybrid NDI/SDI routing system.

Roddy Pratt, Technical Director with Rascular, said, “As with sister product RouteMaster Lite, with RouteMaster we’re very pleased to be able to take a market-leading position with our ultra-fast NDI switching capabilities because of our strong commercial relationship with NewTek. This is essential in any on-air application and its importance increases in hybrid environments, for which RouteMaster is ideally suited. We are continuing to expand our Tools for NDI® and there will be more news soon in this regard.”

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