RAVENNA streams will be sent in real time over the public Internet in a live, transcontinental remote production demo

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In an “industry first”, RAVENNA is to demonstrate how networked audio can be transmitted over the internet using standard internet services. The live proof-of-concept demo takes place on Tuesday 15th December at 15:00 CET.  It is the last in a series of webinars entitled the RAVENNA Remote Sessions that have shown a variety of ways in which RAVENNA can be used for remote production. Previous webinars are available on the RAVENNA website, and registrations are still being accepted for the upcoming event on December 15th.

This session is a collaboration between RAVENNA partners, Merging Technologies, Ross Video and Direct Out. Between them, they’ll be sending RAVENNA/AES67 streams back and forth in real time over the public Internet using Amazon Web Services (AWS) between five different sites in North America and Europe. They will be discussing the demo setup, the technologies required, equipment used and other considerations to make practical use of the capability in real-world applications.

RAVENNA evangelist, Andreas Hildebrand from ALC NetworX, will host the session, which brings together all the strands that have been explored and discussed in the Remote Sessions webinar series. “In broadcast circles, remote production is clearly THE hot topic of the moment during these COVID-ridden times. Keeping staff safe whilst allowing the show to go on is paramount, and we can all be proud at how quickly the industry has reacted in order to develop these solutions. Many of these techniques are likely to become a permanent part of the production landscape as they cut down the number of staff required onsite, which reduces travel and time away from home – and that benefits everyone. We’re proud to be at the forefront of such an important development with our RAVENNA technology.”

For information on how to register for the webinar and view previous webinars, visit https://www.ravenna-network.com/about-ravenna/trade-shows-events/

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