Red Bee’s Red Lab London successfully tests new software-defined video encoding and statistical multiplexing

Red Lab London facilities Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media has successfully demonstrated software-defined video encoding and statistical multiplexing on its private cloud infrastructure in the Red Lab facilities at Broadcast Centre, London. This video encoding service seamlessly complements other Red Bee services including Playout, Global MCR and OTT.

Through a live demonstration with multiple customers present, Red Bee was able to apply software-based multiplexing, building 18 encoded channels into one IP-based stream in around 5 minutes. With this setup, Red Bee is able to add new channels to a customers’ distribution stream within minutes.

“Red Bee is at the forefront of innovation, including in the industry push towards moving from HD-SDI to an all IP and software-based infrastructure. With our private cloud environment, we have managed to reduce complexity and deployment time significantly when it comes to video encoding and multiplexing”, says Kristian Langbridge, Head of Distribution Services.

Red Bee Media is the “first global broadcast and media services provider” to demonstrate a high-end baseband video encoding and multiplexing deployed on a private cloud infrastructure, according to the press release.

Under the Red Lab name, Red Bee Media is formalizing its R&D efforts with multiple connected facilities across the globe. Two has been opened during 2019 in London and Hilversum in the Netherlands, with additional to be added in 2020 and beyond.

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