Renewal of the partnership between Red Bee Media and Innovative Systems LLC

Red Bee Media has announced a multi-year renewal with Innovative Systems LLC to continue offering its video service providers and subscribers an EPG experience through Red Bee Media’s enhanced metadata, including high-resolution images, TV shows, sports data, IMDb ratings and more.

The multi-year renewal means Red Bee Media will continue to support Innovative Systems as it launches an expanded video service through its partners to apartment complexes, condominiums, and other Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU). The extension of the partnership also signifies Red Bee Media’s long-term commitment to Innovative Systems’ video customers and is poised to enhance the video solution with new features that interest video subscribers.

Thanks to the services of Red Bee Discover, there are now hundreds of telecom operators, a number that continues to grow throughout North America, that have relied on Innovative Systems’ industry-exclusive integrated platforms, OSS/BSS, Video, and Voice.

“Our extension of this valued partnership is an investment in a market-leading business and America’s rural communities,” said Jason Marchese, Red Bee Media’s Head of Sales, Market Area Americas. “Video expansion is essential, and Red Bee Discover’s services make that possible. We are delighted to continue building on the company’s success, driving growth, and supporting the important mission of growing North America’s digital connectivity.”

“Innovative Systems has appreciated our successful partnership with Red Bee, where we continue to enhance the end customer experience while simplifying operations for our service provider customers,” said Scott Sobolewski, Vice President of Sales, Innovative Systems.

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