Red Bull TV trusts Gravity Media to produce global coverage of Crankworx Cairns World Tour

Red Bull TV y Gravity Media

For second time in a row, Gravity Media and Red Bull TV published their partnership which includes GTR Events and Boom Box Group, to produce the global coverage of worldwide tour of mountain bike festivals

The producer company, Gravity Media Australia has been appointed by GTR Events, Boom Box Group and Red Bull Media House to deliver the international broadcast technology and production outcome for Crankworx Cairns across 17 – 21 May, which audience will be able to watch on Red Bull TV.

Crankworx is a global tour of mountain bike festivals born in 2022 with great success among audiences and returns to the tropical north-east coast of Australia. According to Red Bull Media House, next events will be held in Canada and New Zealand next June and July.

Crankworx, a four day festival of international mountain biking competitions and races, originated in Whistler in British Columbia and is now Whistler’s largest annual festival. It has evolved into the Crankworx World Tour with festivals in Whistler British Columbia, Cairns, Innsbruck, Austria and Rotorua, New Zealand.

Across five different courses and four days of competition, Gravity Media will access 90 different camera positions, satellite broadcast technology, and 23 cameras including speciality cameras and drones to capture what is described as “the ultimate experience in mountain biking”.

Gravity Media’s collaboration with Red Bull TV will see Crankworx Cairns broadcast across the world.

“The relationship that GTR Events and Gravity Media Australia have created and nurtured over the last decade is one built on trust and mutual respect, not only a client/supplier relationship, which has grown into a partnership with creative and technical working hand in glove. The scope of works for Cairns Crankworx is a known environment, which we have previously had great success as a united workforce, and our previous projects together have always delivered on time and on budget.

Gravity Media Australia’s understanding of our events provides us with a trust that our events are a world class presentation”, declares Matt Hilton, CEO GTR Events – Local Organising Committee, Crankworx Cairns.

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