Riedel Bolero S to enhance coach comms for german 1. FSV Mainz 05 football team

Riedel Bolero S Improves Coach Communications for Germany’s 1. FSV Mainz 05 Football Team

The company recently announced that one of the top teams in the Bundesliga and, by the way, in Germany, integrates its wireless intercom system for coach communications

Mainz 05 aims to manage easier workflows on match day and allow to improve the strategic and tactical preparation, athletic training and warmups, as well as diagnosis of injuries; equipped with six Bolero S beltpacks information spread across the team’s analysts, assistant coach, athletic coach, and physiotherapists.

Riedel Bolero S also allows Mainz 05’s physiotherapists to communicate with each other on a separate channel from the analysts, coaches, and trainer. This allows physiotherapists from inside the player cabin to be informed directly about everything that occurs out on the field, such as if there’s an injury on the pitch, so they can respond immediately and with the appropriate gear. Moreover, the coach can tell the athletic trainer that a certain player will be needed in the game in the next few minutes, giving the trainer more than enough time to warm up the player before they go out.

“As an analyst, you not only get a bird’s-eye view of the area but also special camera scouting feeds that allow you to see everything on repeat. All this data would be wasted if we couldn’t reach the rest of our team to advise the coaches on strategy or to clarify something for the athletic trainer,” said Tijan Nije, Video Analysis Specialist for Mainz 05. “Fortunately, Riedel has provided us with more communication capabilities than we thought were possible, whether its during technical setup, throughout the game, or in our post-match wrap-up analysis. We’re greatful for their help in ensuring that our team performs at its best in all capacities, both on and off the field.”

Prior to Bolero S, Mainz 05 used a third-party system that frequently faced connection and handling issues. These technical challenges became more prominent in stadiums, where communication between analysts in the stands and coaches on the benches would cover extremely long distances. However, since using Bolero S, the team has not faced any issues regarding ease of use and connectivity. In fact, Bolero S’ capacity for crisp communication enables analysts to reach coaches quickly about players’ standing throughout the course of the game, including where they are having problems and how they can adapt to their opponents’ strengths — giving them an edge over their competitors.

Further information about Riedel and the company’s products is available clicking here.

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