Riedel Communications opens new state-of-the-art tech hub in Berlin

With this movement, the company expands its global presence 

Riedel Communications has unveiled its latest Engineering Hub, the “Technology Hub Berlin,” strategically located at Checkpoint Charlie. This expansion, complementing existing hubs in Wuppertal, Eisenberg, Vienna, Zurich, Montreal, and Porto, underscores Riedel’s unwavering commitment to advancing R&D activities tailored for the broadcast and event industry.

Each hub zeroes in on specific facets of engineering and innovation, with a strong focus on adapting to industry dynamics, including the shift to IP-based media signal transport in broadcasting. The Technology Hub Berlin is poised to lead the charge in developing forward-thinking, cutting-edge audio systems, leveraging the expertise of former employees from Jünger Audio. This team, known for their extensive experience in crafting technologically advanced digital audio processors and algorithms, joined Riedel in 2019. Their expertise spans live production, television, radio stations, and streaming services. The hub’s Innovation Lab, powered by creative talents, spearheads product innovation in software-based media processing, networking, virtualization, and deployment through inventive ideas and preliminary developments.

In addition, the Technology Hub Berlin is home to a dedicated system engineering team that focuses on defining, simulating, and developing next-generation wireless communication solutions. With a current team of eight professionals, the hub actively seeks international talents to join its ranks in the vibrant and culturally rich capital of Germany. The office, designed to accommodate up to 15 people, aims to become a focal point for talent across various specialties, propelling product innovation at Riedel.

“Berlin provides the ideal backdrop for our Technology Hub, offering a diverse pool of talent and fostering an environment conducive to innovation,” commented Peter Glättli, Executive Director R&D at Riedel Communications. “We are excited about the current team of experts and look forward to welcoming additional international talents to contribute to our continued success in developing groundbreaking solutions for the broadcast and event industry.”

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Getty Images and BBC