Riedel creates network infrastructure for AV distribution and communications at The European Championships

Riedel Communications has announced that the company provided with communications, broadcasting, and event IT support to Munich 2022 Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the European Championships 2022. It took place August 11-21 in Munich.

Company’s support consisted in the deployment of more than 1,600 km of fiber to establish a network infrastructure. At the same time, Riedel’s MediorNet distributed AV platform delivered signal routing and processing, and Artist digital matrix and Bolero systems provided communications.

The European Championships featured more than 4000 athletes from 50 countries competing in 175 medal events across nine Olympic sports. The 11-day event as held at the Olympic Park in Munich, in addition to other locations throughout the city.

At the Olympic Park, Riedel distributed three 10Gbit internet lines to production, media/press, and commentary areas, while providing a WLAN with over 300 access points. For production crew communications, the company installed an Artist digital matrix intercom network consisting of 10 Artist-64 and 11 Artist-1024 intercom nodes, with 450 SmartPanels for control located throughout various control rooms. Bolero wireless intercom system consisted of over 400 Bolero wireless beltpacks and 168 antennas in the event and host production areas. In addition, 2,500 radios were used in the production, which Riedel supported by installing nine TETRA radio systems.

“Bringing the European Championships together was a massive undertaking that we began planning for over a year and a half ago and took a team of 96 employees in Munich to pull off,” adds Felix Demandt, Senior Project Manager at Riedel. “The IT backbone for communications alone consisted of over 600 switches and 20 to 25 MediorNet nodes were required in each venue, with larger venues requiring even more. In addition, configuring the Bolero system and Artist SmartPanels was a huge task to manage in advance.”

“Fortunately, our systems were connected to the Riedel Operation Center (ROC) in Wuppertal, which provided us with access to additional know-how and resources from our headquarters,” concludes the Manager.

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