Riedel provides intercom systems to students at Backstage Academy

Riedel has recently shown hope in new generation students by supporting Backstage Academy with the latest equipment. Students in the three-year training program are fully immersed in the work of live event production. The work with highly respected industry professionals and they use profesional equipment at important studios.

As a Backstage Academy partner, Riedel supplied an Artist digital matrix intercom system and Bolero wireless intercom antennas and beltpacks to the campus, which is part of the renowned Production Park facilities in Yorkshire.

“We’re training tomorrow’s professionals, so it’s important that we get the best and most current gear in front of these students”, said Backstage Industry Partnership Director Miles Marsden. “We’re proud that our students graduate with cutting-edge skills, immediately ready to fill any shortages in the industry as it bounces back to pre-pandemic levels. Our close partnership with Riedel helps make this possible”.

Backstage Academy students used Riedel’s intercom systems during training and in producing their end-of-year showcase, “Live Again.” The live-streamed, theatrical multistage show told the story of the live event industry’s struggle through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was great to see how effortlessly and professionally the students handled our products to produce their excellent ‘Live Again’ showcase”, said U.K. Sales Manager Nacho Lee. “We’ve created a fruitful partnership — and one that is sure to enrich our own educational offerings within the Riedel Academy in the future”.

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