Riedel provides two Artist-32 digital matrix intercom nodes to the Lanxess Arena

Sala de control en el Lanxess Arena con tecnología Riedel

Arena Management GmbH, company in charge of Lanxess Arena in Cologne, has chosen a decentralized Riedel comms solution for what it is Germany’s largest multifunctional arena, with up to 20,000 seats and 83,700 square meters of usable space. It is based on two Artist-32 digital matrix intercom nodes, one located in the production control room and the second in the central technical area below the arena.

The modular communications structure permits an easy integration with rented Riedel accessories such as SmartPanels and Bolero wireless intercoms, which are frequently used solutions.

“Since its completion in 1998, the Lanxess Arena has been relying on Riedel comms. Now, this comprehensive intercom upgrade is a gift to ourselves for our 20th anniversary,” said Martin Rebiszewski, Technical Manager, Arena Management GmbH. “In terms of reliability and flexibility, the products from our neighboring city of Wuppertal really are unmatched. And, with its unparalleled scalability, the Artist infrastructure is perfect for multifunctional halls with constantly changing requirements.”

Riedel systems are used at Cologne Sharks games that take place in the venue. Niklas Rautenberg, Account Manager at Riedel Communications, explains why they adapt to Sharks’ needs:  “Ice hockey allows for particularly spectacular staging, but it also imposes exacting demands on TV and event production. By enabling clear and reliable communications between all participants, the production team can now present the Cologne Sharks games in an even better light. With this Artist installation, the Lanxess Arena is prepared to overcome any production challenge. We are very pleased to have renewed our long-term partnership with Arena Management GmbH and are already looking forward to the next ice hockey season.”

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