Riedel gear helps manage audio, video and communications for Crealine Media Systems AG teams at Red Bull Flight Day

Crealine Media Systems AG, a production company based in Switzerland has already implemented some Riedel solutions in order to enhance their video, audio, data and communications. They have chosen Riedel Communications’ Artist digital matrix intercom system, Bolero wireless intercom system, and SmartPanel intercom and control panels.

“Riedel gear sets up quickly and integrates readily via different interfaces for audio, control, and monitoring, so it’s easy to equip the system as needed for any live production,” said Silas Füglistaler, project manager at Crealine. “We also benefit from Riedel’s expertise and the company’s robust rental offering, which help us scale to meet the requirements of any project. Because Riedel products are easy to use and already well known in the production environment, they require little to no training time.”

The main use for this new gear has been the cover that Crealine Media Systems AG performs on the Red Bull Flight Day in Lausanne on Sept. 19. The equipment facilitated communications between a studio, located on a raft near the launch pad; the host motorboat; a reporter and the technical team working across the event; Crealine’s remote team directing the live show from its Ulster facility; and LTE mobile cameras with a comms connection to the remote team.

“Effective and reliable communications are fundamental to a great project, especially in hectic times,” added Füglistaler. “Thanks to the flexible configuration options and dependable performance of Riedel intercom systems, we have the freedom to concentrate fully on delivering the best possible content.”

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