Riedel RefBox secures FIFA quality certification for VAR technology

Riedel Communications has recently announced that its RefBox video review system has achieved certification within the FIFA Quality Programme for Video Assistant Refereeing (VAR) technology. This certification serves as a testament to the system’s adherence to FIFA’s stringent standards concerning quality, latency, and synchronicity, reaffirming Riedel’s commitment to propelling fairness and transparency in sports through technological advancements.

The FIFA Quality Programme, spearheaded by FIFA, the international governing body of association football, aims to enhance the game’s quality and safeguard players, clubs, and associations by endorsing products that meet the highest safety and quality benchmarks. Riedel’s attainment of FIFA Quality certification grants authorization for professional football competitions, leagues, and federations to utilize the Riedel RefBox video review, satisfying their VAR and VAR Light requirements for the next four years.

Over an intensive three-day evaluation period, Riedel’s multicamera review system underwent comprehensive testing, scrutinizing the synchronicity and latency of its video feeds, as well as the video quality of the VAR system output — successfully passing all assessments.

Matthias Czastrau, Product Manager, Strategy and Innovation, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to demonstrate that our VAR solution not only meets but surpasses the exacting standards set by FIFA’s Quality Programme. We eagerly anticipate offering RefBox to a broader audience. Our pride lies in contributing to enhancing the sport’s integrity by equipping officials on and off the pitch with reliable and intuitive solutions. With FIFA-Quality-certified VAR and FIFA-IAAP-listed referee communications solutions now in our portfolio, we solidify our standing as a trusted technology partner for football leagues, clubs, and broadcast service providers worldwide.”

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