Riedel showcases a new API based on open NMOS standards for its 1200 Series SmartPanel

2019 NAB host the showcase of the new API of Riedel

Riedel has partnered with control and automation vendors such as ATOS BNCS, Axon Cerebrum, Broadcast Solutions hi, Lawo VSM, Pebble Beach Systems and Skyline DataMiner to develop a new API based on open NMOS standars for its 1200 Series SmartPanel.

One of the new features of the Riedel 1200 Series SmartPanel Control Panel App is trigger actions in control /automation system and then provide visual feedbacks on status and configuration changes using the colors, labels and symbols of the panel. According to the press release, “With simultaneous use of the Intercom App and Control Panel App, the 1200 Series SmartPanel delivers a unique combination of capabilities to expand and enhance user workflows.”

Marco Muckenhaupt, Senior Product Manager at Riedel Communication, talks about the new app: “The Control Panel App offers several advantages to a proprietary control solution. Most importantly, its NMOS underpinnings allow a third-party system to automatically discover all of the panel’s control elements, like its lever keys or touch screens, and assign any desired functionality. We are really happy to have the support of some of the key vendors in the industry, and it’s great to see manufacturers working hand in hand to deliver real benefits to users across platforms.”

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