Riedel supplied signal transport and A/V infrastructure at the 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games

Boxes with Riedel Technology at the Pan American Games 2019

Riedel Communications provided an A/V solution for the 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games, recently completed in Lima, Peru. Riedel coupled with comprehensive on-site service and support, ensured signal transport and communications for both games.

Riedel supplied all audio systems, including PA systems, microphone systems, and specialized solutions, such as underwater speakers. The comms solutions included 45 Artist digital matrix intercom systems with 50 panels, 110 commentator boxes, and 220 Bolero beltpacks and headsets.

The 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games were the first to achieve seamless venue communications without radios, with all crews relying solely on Bolero wireless intercom systems. With Riedel’s Artist-integrated Bolero solution installed in every venue, all teams could benefit from a full-duplex communication. In most of the venues, comprehensive coverage could be achieved with just a single Bolero antenna.

To ensure that all spectators had access to the same experience, Riedel also supplied all 17 Parapan venues with FM devices for assistive hearing and audio descriptive services of the performances and announcer broadcasts.

A MediorNet signal backbone drove LED screens and scoreboards and provided the control systems for the local productions at each venue. In addition, the signal backbone provided all of the pool feeds for host broadcaster Mediapro. The Riedel team supplied all cabling at each venue for interconnection, routing, and distribution of timing, scoring, results, and broadcast signals across the venue. In total, the signal transport solutions in Lima consisted of over 130 MediorNet nodes and nearly 180 kilometers of fiber.

In addition to equipment, Riedel supported the games with an on-site engineering team consisting of 75 international and 182 local crew members. The Riedel team handled project management, planning, design, deployment, and operation of all systems, including configuration and commissioning, installation, testing, and optimization.

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