Riedel communication systems help to successfully celebrate the latest edition of The Global Citizen Festival

Firehouse Productions has chosen Riedel to support show dynamics at the 10th annual Global Citizen Festival in New York City. This company is a designer, installer, and operator of sound reinforcement systems for tours, broadcasts, and corporate events.

The Global Citizen Festival is an annual music festival that brings together fans, artists, activists, world leaders, philanthropists, and corporate leaders to take actions to end poverty. To maintain orderly workflows, Firehouse deployed Riedel’s Artist digital matrix intercom network with Bolero wireless intercom system. The objective was to integrate and extend the reach of an OB Truck using a legacy communication system.

At the heart of Firehouse Productions’ Riedel system were four Artist intercom nodes — one Artist-1024, one Artist-128, and two Artist-64s. The Artist platform integrated with the Bolero wireless intercom system, which consisted of 54 Bolero wireless beltpacks, in addition to 40 C3 wired digital beltpacks. To incorporate helicopter and drone communications into the system, two Riedel RiFace universal radio interfaces were used. For ease of use, crews relied on 34 Riedel intercom panels, half of which were the RSP-1200 series SmartPanels.

“For the Global Citizen Festival, we were covering a huge percentage of the Great Lawn and required a solution capable of huge scale with clear and reliable communication to connect to the OB truck, which was a quarter of a mile away.” said Vinny Siniscal, Account Manager at Firehouse Productions. “For this to be quick and easy, the solution needed to be lightweight and integrate seamlessly with the legacy RTS system in the truck while allowing communications to and from helicopters and drones. Riedel’s Bolero with an Artist 1024 was ideal as it’s both simple to set up with unparalled clarity, plus it offers virtually unlimited scale of comms as needed.”

“The 2022 Global Citizen Festival was a huge success, and we couldn’t be more excited that our solutions played a central role in its production,” said Joyce Bente, President/CEO of Riedel Communications, the Americas. “This was an immense deployment that highlighted several key advantages of our Artist and Bolero systems, primarily seamless integration with different communications systems, plug-and-play setup and the ability to clearly handle large events with a lot of noise. We can’t wait to see how Firehouse Productions puts Artist and Bolero to use next.”

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