Riedel’s Bolero communicates the crew on the set of “The Expanse”

Riedel’s Bolero communicates the crew on the set of “The Expanse”

Riedel has announced that the DOP Jeremy Benning has chosen Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom for the set of “The Expanse”. The new production from Amazon Prime Video counts with a single solution, instead of the unorganised previous communications system.

Riedel has deployed a solution with 26 beltpacks and four antennas. The audio feed from the sound mixer is patched in to allow all connected departments (camera, grip, lighting, producers, director, assistant directors, script, and video playback) to listen to actors’ dialog whenever they need to. Three walkie-talkie channels are also patched into the Bolero system, enabling the key managers of “The Expanse” to communicate with the rest of the crew without having to wear two systems.

“The ability to communicate instantly, clearly, and effectively is a critical requirement to keep any film or episodic series on schedule. We knew we needed more efficient, zero-compromise comms capabilities in today’s new world, and after extensive testing and comparison with other leading systems, Bolero was hands-down the best tool for what we needed,” commented Jeremy Benning . “Not only does Bolero have excellent audio quality and an ultra-low noise floor, it’s also super-easy to control the entire system through the intuitive user interface.”

Benning added, “My entire crew has said many times how much they appreciate Bolero’s single-system elegance, the clarity of audio, and the interconnectedness of all our audio streams — particularly since we’re often whispering cues to each other during takes. These are A-team technicians, but they’re mostly first-time Bolero users who are now completely in love with this solution. There is no going back once you have experienced Bolero, the ultimate way of managing a complex team with high-stake demands.”

“Since we first introduced Bolero, it’s been embraced by producers of many types of large-scale, high-profile live entertainment events. And now, it’s gratifying to see Bolero’s wider adoption in higher-end film productions like ‘The Expanse,'” said Jason Ross, Canada Regional Sales Manager, Riedel Communications. “That really speaks to Bolero’s incredible versatility for any type of production, whether it’s a marquee live event or a hit series on Amazon Prime Video.”

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