RIST Forum members set to exhibit RIST-enabled products at NAB 2024

The Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) Forum has revealed that numerous members will unveil RIST-enabled products at the NAB Show running from April 14th to 17th, 2024. RIST will also take the spotlight in the IP Showcase during the event, with Forum representatives available to delve into discussions about the streaming protocol.

RIST offers an open, interoperable, and technically robust solution for low-latency live video transmission over unmanaged networks. Governed and steered by its members, the RIST Forum operates as a collaborative organization. At NAB, many members will be in attendance, with several showcasing a variety of products featuring support for RIST.

Cobalt Digital will debut its PACIFIC 9992 ENC, which has been bolstered to accommodate the new ST 2110 input interface. This enhancement results in a potent integrated solution that can be seamlessly deployed in an ST 2110 facility for local encoding, low-latency Internet transport via RIST, or traditional ASI workflow execution without the need for separate gateway devices. The capability to blend traditional SDI and ST 2110 feeds within the same device, coupled with support for IPMX, offers even greater flexibility.

Additionally, Cobalt will present its 9223 ENC/9990 DEC and 9992 ENC/9992 DEC series at booth SU4027, showcasing support for RIST Simple Profile and Main Profile. Alongside these products, Cobalt’s SafeLink Gateway will be on display, ensuring reliable video transport, even in live production environments susceptible to network delays. Cobalt will also host a Cocktail Hour at their booth starting from 5 pm on Monday, April 15th.

SipRadius and FOR-A will introduce a revolutionary approach to IP content transport at NAB Show 2024. Their innovative solution, SOAR-A (a FOR-A platform powered by SipRadius), leverages RIST as standard to create a flexible and robust video processing and delivery platform. The Software Optimized Appliance Revolutionized (SOAR) solution supports real-time AVI over WebRTC, ensuring optimized high-quality playback across any device. Experience the flexibility and customization of this IP platform in action at the FOR-A booth C4507. FOR-A is also hosting a welcome reception on Saturday, April 13th, at 3 pm in LVCC Room N240/242.

Quicklink will showcase StudioPro, the next-generation video production platform, featuring RIST support. StudioPro simplifies the integration of RIST input sources into productions and facilitates easy streaming of productions via RIST. Visit Quicklink at South Lower, booth SL4184.

The IP Showcase, located at Booth W3800, will host three RIST-focused presentations:

– Sunday, April 14th: Ciro Noronha of Cobalt Digital and RIST Forum President will present on ‘RIST: Past, Present, and Future’.
– Monday, April 15th: Sergio Ammirata of SipRadius and RIST Forum Director will present on ‘Using IPMX and RIST for high-performance secure streaming of live content to large numbers of users’.
– Tuesday, April 16th: Adi Rozenberg of Alvalinks and RIST Forum Director will discuss ‘Multicast application in RIST’.

Over 30 RIST members are set to exhibit at NAB Show 2024.


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