RME will launch Digiface RAVENNA at IBC 2022 and will be part of the RAVENNA community from then on

ALC NetworX, developer of the RAVENNA audio-over-IP technology, has recently announced that RME, audio interface and networked audio specialists, has joined the RAVENNA community.

RME’s first RAVENNA-enabled product, the Digiface RAVENNA, will be unveiled at IBC 2022. It has been developed in cooperation with RAVENNA partner DirectOut.

Digiface RAVENNA is a mobile solution that connects RAVENNA networks with a Windows or Mac computer. It allows bi-directional transmission of up to 128 audio channels between RAVENNA and a connected computer via a single USB 3.0 connection. It also features a MADI interface and includes TotalMix FX.

Matthias Carstens, co-founder of RME, explains the collaboration with DirectOut and the decision to build a RAVENNA-enabled device: “It was always our wish to do a project together with DirectOut, whose founder Stephan Flock was part of the RME core team when it all started. So, the question is more like – what took us so long? Consequently, we decided to join the RAVENNA community and here we are, with a device that brings superior RAVENNA networking capabilities to desktop computers, based on the strengths of RME and DirectOut – computer interface design/drivers and RAVENNA expertise. Clearly the best of both worlds”.

Andreas Hildebrand, RAVENNA Evangelist at ALC NetworX, is pleased to welcome RME on board: “I am delighted to see RME joining the RAVENNA partner community. It’s even more pleasing to see that RME is already announcing their first product, a RAVENNA-enabled version of their powerful Digiface interface series, bringing rock-solid RAVENNA networking performance to PC and MAC computers. Their strong cooperation with DirectOut shows the true strength of the RAVENNA partner community and continues to prove the success of the open technology approach of RAVENNA.”

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