Ross presents Living Live, its community platform for live production

Ross presents “Living Live”, its community platform for live production

Ross has announced the launch of Living Live, its new community platform for the live production industry. The new platform can be found at It is an open space for live production professionals to share it concerns, experience and discuss best practices.

According to the company statement, the release supports the commitment of the company with the live production industry, regardless of the production environment. . “Our industry is incredibly diverse and includes professionals working in lots of different areas,” notes Ross Executive Vice President and CMO Jeff Moore. “The needs of the freelance graphics community, for example, are very different to the needs of people working with production switchers or camera operators. On top of that, we also serve customers in many different verticals from news broadcast to esports to worship production. Everyone faces subtly different creative, business and technology challenges in their daily work, and the Living Live community platform will act as a very valuable industry resource, where like-minded experts can come together to share thoughts and ideas.”

“I know from the various people I’ve met at industry events that live production is populated by smart, passionate and creative people with strong opinions on where this industry should be going. Living Live will give them a forum for these opinions, and an opportunity to shape the future direction of live production,” says Andrew Faulkner, Vice President of Marketing at Ross.

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