Ross Video launches new evolution of its Ultrix solution: FR12, ready for UHD

Ross Video has recently launched the new version of its Ultrix Router. It is the 12G ready Ultrix FR12. The device is designed for routing, multiviewer and signal processing platform for studios, OB vans and flypacks.

Its key features are:

The software is pay as you go. No additional hardware is required and users can add new features through additional software licenses.

The solution is 12G ready. Ultrix natively supports 12G throughout the entire chassis. This means it’s ready for UHD.

Ultrix supports SDI, fibre and IP signal I/O. It is designed to mix and match as user needs and it is transport agnostic.

The Ultrix platform is production in a box. Video/audio routing, multiviewers, audio processing, frame synchronisers, clean/quiet switching, UHD gearboxing, production switchers, audio mixers and more all unified in one single chassis.

Due to its size, base feature set and software capabilities, owners save significant money on upfront capital costs. Additionally, the advanced architecture provides significant ROI in terms of power, cooling, shipping, and space costs.

The FR12 boasts up to 288 x 288 SDI ports with a 6144 x 6144 TDM audio fabric, up to 288 frame syncs, 288 clean quiet switches and up to 48 x 100 PIP multiviewers. It also has up to 8 SDPE blades that can be configured as a single 8ME Ross Acuity switcher, 8 independent Ross Carbonites or even a 4ME Acuity and 4 independent Carbonites.

Director of Product Management for Hyperconverged Solutions at Ross Video, Todd Riggs, explained, “When we launched Ultrix we had 1RU and 2RU frame sizes.  A couple of years later we brought the 5RU frame to market. Today, with the launch of the FR12, our award-winning platform makes a huge leap forward, one that will rock the world for a wide range of markets.” He continued: “In the past, a traditional system could use around 500 rack units.  Now with the FR12, you’re looking at only 14 rack units for the equivalent solution. Less hardware also means less power consumption, so while a typical system could consume 52,300 Watts, the FR12 equivalent system would only consume 2,400 Watts. Less hardware also means far less cabling – hundreds instead of thousands – and significantly less weight as the FR12 tips the scales around 100 lbs or 45 kg as opposed to a traditional system’s massive 6284 lbs or 2850 kg!”.

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