Ross Video introduces Ultrix Acuity, a “hyper converged production platform”

Ross Video - Ultrix Acuity new product

The evolution of the innovative Ultrix routing and AV processing platform and the Acuity switcher is here. Presented as a “Hyper Converged Production Platform”, the Ultrix Acuity converges the functionalities of these two solutions.

Ultrix Acuity takes routing, audio mixing, MultiViewers, trays of frame syncs and audio embedders/de-embedders – all solutions that have traditionally filled multiple equipment racks – and compresses them all down to a single 5RU chassis. Ultrix Acuity has been therefore designed for environments where size really matters, such as OB vans and mobile units.

As with the current Ultrix solution, Ultrix Acuity is based on Ross Video’s Software Defined Production philosophy. The Software Defined Production Engine – SDPE – from Ross removes the need for costly ‘forklift’ upgrades by providing base hardware that can grow via software licenses.

The flexible architecture of Ultrix Acuity means that format and connectivity challenges “simply disappear”. “Transition from HD to UHD with a simple software license. Mix SDI and IP sources in the same frame transparently. Use sophisticated tie-line management tools to incorporate the system into a larger distributed routing fabric”, states Ross Video in its press release.

Commenting on the new platform, Nigel Spratling, VP of Production Switchers, points to an ongoing emphasis on workflow efficiency. “Our customers have been focused on increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and embracing new signal transport and management schemes. By bringing together an entire suite of necessary production solutions, we’re providing an answer to this need and delivering a compelling new platform that works for 2021 and beyond.”

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