Ross Video launches XPression Graphics V9.0

User interface of the Remote Sequencer software of Ross Video

More than 40 new features have been added to Ross Video’s Xpression Graphics software via its 9.0 version. The real-time motion graphics platform receives innovations such as extended font management, acquisition of content to controlling playout of multiple Xpression graphics engines, the ability to import files and layers from Adobe Photoshop, or improvements to the data-driven graphics content tool DataLinq™.

“Each new release of our XPression software has a big impact on customer workflows”, said Patrick Twomey, Director of XPression Product Marketing. “Version 9.0 introduces new powerful workflow tools for almost everyone who touches XPression in their daily tasks, no matter how remote.”

A new edition of the XPression Remote Sequencer is also part of the release. A few of the new features are:

  • Extended playout control of rundowns at the level of individual channels and Take IDs
  • Possibility of modifying Take Items’ content and channel assignment directly, before going to air
  • Seamless integration of the XPression Project Server and Scene Manager for adding new Take Items at the last second.

Ross Video has announced that customers with an active software maintenance contract should contact Ross Video Technical Support ( to schedule their upgrade to XPression V9.0.

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