Ross Video releases XPression Tessera One: over six million pixels on LED displays

Ross Video has recently announced the release of XPression Tessera One. It is a solution that provides over six million broadcast-quality pixels to drive content to venue LED displays and video walls in news studios.

Building on XPression Tessera, Tessera One is a LED content management system that features customizable XPression graphic templates and DashBoard Control Panels. Users can either choose to create their own graphics or take advantage of Tessera One’s library of pre-built and customizable graphics templates for different kind of sports. Tessera One also provides licensing for XPression INcoder and DataLinq. INcoder enables users to import video files using a watch folder-based workflow, and DataLinq allow them to display scores or data in real-time.

Its 1RU chassis delivers up to three 1080P HD outputs, which can be mapped to fill over six million LED pixels. It also utilizes low-latency video input processing of three frames latency.

“Tessera One is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a cost-effective, all-in-one graphics system for their sports venue,” notes Kevin Cottam, Vice-President of Sports & Live Events. “Tessera One enables any size venue or studio to take advantage of the power and creative flexibility of Xpression Tessera to engage fans with enhanced story telling tools and increase sponsorship revenue.”

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