Rotana Media Group launches FAST radio channels with Mangomolo’s support

Mangomolo and Rotana, an Arabic Media Conglomerate, have collaborated to deliver 24-hour streaming of Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) radio channels across the Arab world.

The OTT video platform provider, Mangomolo, gives support to Arabic Media Conglomerate Rotana Media Group for  the Launch of FAST Radio Channels  · Through its Fannbox App, Rotana can curate content quickly as well as automatically compose linear radio channels available to end users 

Mangomolo, a full-service OTT video platform provider, and Rotana, an Arabic Media Conglomerate, have recently launched Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels to stream radio content for users across the Arab world in a rapid way. The OTT video platform allows Rotana to deliver 24-hour streaming of three FAST radio channels via the Fannbox app. Besides, thanks to the use of Mangomolo platform, Rotana can automatically compose linear radio channels and make them available to end users with a high-quality audio.

Mangomolo provides Rotana with an end-to-end platform that supports the delivery of radio and visual radio channels, live events, and celebrity shoutouts and special occasions. The platform enables Rotana to deploy multiple monetisation models including, FAST channels, pay-per-view and a growing number of others. Mangomolo also supports user management, chat moderation and celebrity content management within a single platform.

“Rotana has collaborated with Mangomolo since the launch of Fannbox over three years ago. Mangomolo offers a flexible and adaptable approach to content curation, streaming, and monetisation. The launch of these FAST radio channels demonstrates how we are evolving together and catering to the changing needs of users. The team has provided excellent support throughout our journey and is continually offering new ideas and capabilities,” said Mohamed Zaghloul, Digital Product Manager at Rotana. “We’re a company that is continually pushing boundaries and offering innovative experiences, so Mangomolo is a great fit for us.”

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